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its not an apple, its a tomatoe :D

posted: Feb 28, 2011

i've never seen goatse and i intend on keeping it that way.

P.S. Goatse- an old mother****er parting his buttocks...

posted: Feb 15, 2011

Jerry is a ****

posted: Jan 4, 2011

'whats goatsie'

lol troll

by fake

posted: Dec 29, 2010

eww sick.

posted: Aug 5, 2010

AHHAh fail, google it

posted: Jun 26, 2010

...whats goatsie?

posted: Jun 23, 2010

second by Jboi

posted: Jun 17, 2010

you will never forget your first Goatse

posted: Jun 6, 2010