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Doves are considered a pest species while hawks are valuable and protected by law. Just saying.

posted: Feb 13, 2013


posted: Nov 3, 2011

How can the right goverment win?

posted: Sep 5, 2011

The colors are messed up and liberals avoid messing in social lives, but otherwise this is pretty good.

posted: Jun 12, 2011

The red part is really socialistic, where the blue part is conservative/liberal

posted: May 2, 2011

this is very incorrect...

Liberals are the ones who DON'T want to interfere with social lives.

hence the gay marriage

posted: Apr 10, 2011

Jan 23 is a ****ing tard liberalism is totally left Democrat=Liberal

posted: Apr 1, 2011

all i have ever seen is the left put the right down. not just on here but everywhere i look, seriously stfu people

posted: Mar 31, 2011

Then I don't understand why there is more support for abortion, or legalizing marijuana, for example, on the left than on the right. Isn't that the government not interfering with society?

posted: Mar 25, 2011

the colors are mixed

posted: Mar 6, 2011