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everyone loves long past presidents, and hate current presidents then denies the cycle. eat a wiener.

posted: Apr 7, 2011

i cant believe how stupid people can be (Tea party members)

posted: Jan 2, 2011

lulz niggers

posted: Dec 16, 2010

GODDAMMIT! should've never voted for that guy... he just seemed like a good one... at the time.

posted: Dec 15, 2010

What is it that you don't get? :P Some american red necks are blaming him for being the black hitler and that is why he asks hillary(Who is white and a democrat too) where they can get some giant owens to do with white people like hitler did with jews.

Cmon it's not that hard xD

posted: Nov 14, 2010

i dont get it...

posted: Oct 29, 2010

Lucas Fields was here

posted: Aug 16, 2010


posted: Aug 10, 2010


posted: Aug 2, 2010

posted: Aug 2, 2010