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posted: Feb 6, 2011

Oh Hell Yeah!!!

posted: Nov 18, 2010


posted: Nov 1, 2010

Lan's pabyrinth.avi

posted: Oct 18, 2010

Pan's labyrinth.

posted: Oct 17, 2010

****in awesome pale man. doug jones ftw.

posted: Aug 5, 2010


posted: Jul 20, 2010

wowow u r teh cool poster below me, i had no idea whatsoever what acid is or what lsd does, thank you for enlightening the interwebs

posted: Jul 16, 2010

Acid = LSD

LSD = Hallucinogen

He takes the Acid and gets high, hallucinates the **** in the 3rd picture and regrets.

posted: Jul 16, 2010


posted: Jun 25, 2010