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posted: Apr 26, 2011


posted: Apr 20, 2011


posted: Mar 29, 2011

vad har Sverige gjort eftersom alla verkar hata svenskar?

posted: Mar 5, 2011


That's just cute.

posted: Jan 21, 2011


posted: Jan 2, 2011

No country is as good or bad as you describe them! Sure, be proud about it, but don't be such an ass! There's a big diffrence between being proud and being an ass!

posted: Dec 4, 2010

I'm Swedish, and I say, **** IKEA!

posted: Nov 17, 2010

För dom sketna jänkarna i väst tål det inte.

posted: Nov 12, 2010

I am a swede, but why can't we all enjoy the picture and just know how better IKEA is that all other furniture companies? =)

posted: Oct 20, 2010