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posted: Oct 24, 2015

Biggest military force eh? Wipe out anything? Didn't wipe out the minimal Viet Congs though did yer? No! That was a rhetorical question, not like any of you would know what that is.

posted: Apr 21, 2012

ive been there its in california

posted: Aug 26, 2011


posted: Aug 18, 2011

hate to be hatin, but america does have the higest obesity rates...but that doesnt mean other ****s can be racist.

posted: Jul 16, 2011

@Apr24, Really? Despite the fact that america is fat, being a eurofag means you have awful teeth and a small dick. So.

posted: Apr 29, 2011


posted: Apr 26, 2011

I bet deep fried butter tastes like ****

posted: Apr 25, 2011

anyone that hates on America had daddy issues and is sad because they were deprived as a child.. too bad we're the strongest military force... period GF fail

posted: Apr 25, 2011

Even if this ain't in America, you're still a bunch of fat ****ers

posted: Apr 24, 2011