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Americans sucks ballz.

posted: Mar 16, 2012


posted: Apr 23, 2011

**** swedes, get the **** out of here

posted: Mar 4, 2011


posted: Feb 9, 2011

They all have rapefaces

posted: Jan 30, 2011

It's the Folksmen.

posted: Jan 3, 2011

Jacknine was here

posted: Dec 11, 2010

75% of this picture has molested

posted: Dec 9, 2010

sweet bass/violin

posted: Nov 26, 2010

david flodin will get aids. kewlof will get cancer. J will get molested. Urby will get shot in the head. Sheril Widing will get bullied by old ladies. Ruud Brummans will have to take spelling lessons at a concentration camp. rooster3452 will get bit to death by a bunch of seagulls. adams will die by a chainsaw. chikenugets will get kidnapped by russians. Pasks will get nuked by chinese. "MEEE" will go to venus and get acid rain on his ass. "random dude" will die by a hobo with a crowbar.

posted: Nov 24, 2010