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What the **** is LEET.

posted: Jun 5, 2011


posted: Apr 26, 2011

for those who does not get it, it is not about that he woke up at half past 1, its about the word its say (1337=LEET)

posted: Apr 22, 2011

I'm assuming whoever made this is not a citizen of the United States...

posted: Mar 28, 2011

posted: Mar 27, 2011

yeah, i do that every 13 o' clock.

posted: Mar 23, 2011

How the well can you sleep until 13.37?

posted: Jan 31, 2011

Proxy was here

posted: Jan 8, 2011

Thats me in weekends

posted: Jan 7, 2011

sleeps like pro

posted: Dec 2, 2010