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Hey idiots arguing about weather or not certain people are from the UK or not...the ****ing picture says Europe right on it. It never says anything about the UK.

posted: Jan 23, 2012

This is an epic win.

posted: Jan 6, 2012

****ing epic.

posted: Nov 27, 2011

Nah, Europe is still da bomb

posted: Nov 22, 2011

the bottom of that picture is so true

posted: Sep 28, 2011

Obviously the person that made this is from Europe. -.-

posted: Sep 14, 2011

Welcome to America, greatest country on the motha f*ckin' planet

posted: Sep 14, 2011

Hey I don't like some of these people that you qualify as equal. If you're gonna put Miles Davis up there for USA then why didn't you put Joseph Zawinul up for Europe?

Okay, I'm just being an elitist jazz snob. Well spotted!

posted: Sep 13, 2011

Robert Frost an suck my balls. You ruined the whole list.

posted: Sep 12, 2011

Just to be fair, he did put Europe; which doesn't seclude it to just UK, so you might want to recheck your statement. and I agree, we didn't need a webpage for this.

posted: Sep 12, 2011