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lol is it the middle east?

posted: Apr 9, 2013

take off that damn burka. You do not have what it takes to be a ninja, ****.

posted: Mar 5, 2012

Aden jama kommer knulla era rövar

posted: Jul 28, 2011

yOU CAN SEE the ninja's arm, Thats a serious crime in that religions law. :3

posted: Apr 25, 2011

I'm searching the picture with the invisible guy

posted: Apr 15, 2011


posted: Apr 9, 2011

Ninja Assassin in his swim suit. \m/o_o\m/

posted: Mar 3, 2011

I digg the beards

posted: Feb 20, 2011

they don't normally go bathing outside

posted: Feb 9, 2011

thats not a ninja its a woman in a burka omg do they bade like that?

posted: Feb 6, 2011